Mindset work is inner work you need to change your outer world.

Have you bought all the self help books, but struggled to put things into action?

Have you ever had that gut feeling that there's "more" to life, but can't seem to get there?

Have you struggled to adjust your mindset to one that serves you, instead of holds you back?

Me too. Mindset and inner work is the way to connect to your true self so you can connect to the world and your role in it.

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Mindset Coaching


One on one coaching calls via phone or video call


Aligned action assignments + mindfulness exercises for between sessions


24/7 Email access +  community Slack group


50 minute sessions

Single Session: $110

Package of Five: $500 if paid in full (save $25), or $105 per session

Package of Ten: $975 if paid in full (save $25), or $100 per session



*Sliding Scale Prices available

Want to learn more about mindset coaching before you commit? Schedule a free discovery call!

About Coaching

What it isn't


Toxic positivity 

Gaslighting and bypassing trauma

Therapy or someone telling you what to do

What it is

A collaborative partnership

Discovery + Action

Whole humxn experience 

Future building

Put simply, coaching answers three questions:

1. Where are you now? 


2. Where do you want to be?

3. What's getting in the way?

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