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Remote coaching is a cost efficient but effective alternative to hiring an in-person coach. Whether your goals are to get super strong or just find ways to move that feel good to you-AKS can help. Your program will be customized to you and will provide the guidance and direction you need in your movement practice.


With remote coaching, you’ll receive workouts and we’ll have check-ins during the week where I’ll provide feedback as you go. Any questions or concerns you have-I’ll be there to answer them to keep you chugging along!


Remote Coaching Includes:

  • Customized programs to you and your goals and ability level.

  • Intro week of workouts to assist in designing your program.

  • Workouts delivered and updated weekly.

  • Weekly feedback and check-ins.

  • 24/7 email access

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With one on one coaching, we’ll take an individualized approach to your relationship with food. We’ll discuss where you are and what you’d like to work on and go from there. We’ll slowly adjust your habits in order to help you feel better and more in control with how you relate to food. 

One on one coaching includes

  • Individualized approach.

  • 24/7 email access.

  • Food log feedback.

  • Weekly check-ins.

  • HAES-aligned approach.

In Person Training Coming Soon!

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