Is your relationship to movement and your body...strained?

Do you feel lost or unwelcome in the gym? 

Do you have a hard time finding movement that feels good + sustainable?

Do you want to find a movement practice that's enjoyable and feels good?

Me too. Movement shouldn't be so complicated and disconnected and I want better for you.  You can connect back to your body so you can connect more deeply with your life. 

Movement Coaching

Custom Program

Non-diet, weight neutral program customized to YOU!

Feedback + Accountability

Weekly feedback on workouts in TrueCoach app


24/7 Email access + message access through TrueCoach app

Mental Wellbeing

Weekly well-being check to keep you in tune with your mental health too.


$150/ month

(3 month minimum commitment)

*Sliding Scale Pricing available

Not sure if we're a good fit or want to chat before you commit? Book a movement discovery call today!

Movement Testimonials

In-person personal training available-schedule a discovery call or send an email for more information!

Purple Smoke

"This programming looks great, I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I’m SOOOO excited to do these workouts!!! Finally! 


Thank you so much for helping me get excited to workout again!"

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