Hi! I’m Megan-a fitness professional and coach in Nashville, TN and the founder of All Kinds Strength. I found fitness and strength training after being an athlete in high school and college. I meddled in different training methods including a transformation program and Crossfit. I struggled with my eating habits and went from being super restrictive to not caring at all. It wasn’t until I found the barbell that I realized I didn’t have to focus my efforts on what my body looked like but I could see what my body could do. I fell in love with powerlifting and realized I wanted to help others grow through movement and strength and improve their relationship with food. 


I became a personal trainer my junior year of college and since then I’ve worked in several different settings; from a 24 hour globo gym to a non-profit training facility. During my years of work in the industry I’ve found two major faults. 1) That only certain bodies (thin-cis-white-male) are promoted and celebrated and 2) That there’s a lot of information out there regarding health and fitness and a lot of that information is inaccurate and/or damaging to those trying to pursue improved wellness. My goal is to help you get stronger and more resilient, while simultaneously altering the landscape of the fitness industry to be more inclusive and accepting of all people and mending the damage done by an exclusive, elitist community.

NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Experience with Precision Nutrition behavior change coaching method. 

Previous ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Previous USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach

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