Hi! I’m Megan-mindset and movement coach based in Nashville, TN and the founder of All Kinds Strength. My mission is to use mindset and movement coaching to help people live more deeply in their joy. 


As a coach, I felt lost in the fitness industry for a long time. The guilt and shame inherent in diet culture makes the fitness industry a hard place to be. That’s why I take a non-diet, weight neutral approach to fitness and advocate for a more inclusive fitness industry. Tapping into your joy means finding ways to move that work for you and connect you back to yourself and all humxns should have access to do so. 


My movement practice led to a lot of growth for me but the real magic happened when I dove head first into self development and mindset work. I like to consider myself a self-help junkie turned life coach. Finding clarity, purpose and joy in my own life has been transformational and it’s exactly what I hope for for everyone I cross paths with, especially you.


Certified JRNI Life Coach, January 2020

NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, May 2015 




I believe joy is a human right. I also believe that this world finds ways to steal our joy so we must actively protect and create it. Creating a life with joy as the foundation is the greatest way to improve not only your life but the world as a whole. 

Protest Sign


The wellness industry is well known for its lack of inclusion and access to services. It’s important to me to change that. Wellness is inherently political and should be treated as such. Some things you should know are that Black lives matter, all bodies are good bodies, and all humans should have access to wellness and coaching.

New Growth


Being a lifelong learner means you never stop growing. Growth is what allows us to adapt and change so we can leave this world better than we found it. When we grow as individuals, we contribute to the wellness collective and create positive change for all.